Who Are We?

C.A.R.E.S. Treatment is  A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited. Furthermore, CARES was awarded a prestigious full 3 year accreditation with the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  CARF accreditation is highly recognized and the world’s gold standard in the behavioral/mental health, substance abuse and healthcare insurance industries. It is evidence that our organization strives to improve efficiency, fiscal health, and service delivery -- creating a foundation for consumer satisfaction.

C.A.R.E.S. Treatment is also registered with the Florida Department of Education - Polk County as a private boarding school and provides educational curriculum that is regionally. More information about our school can be found at http://hope4teens.org/therapeutic-boarding-school-in-florida.

We are proud to have a compassionate healthcare team comprised of a psychiatric medical director, master of social work clinical director, educational psychologist, medical physician and administrator that oversee the case management, educational staff, licensed clinicians, life coaches and caregivers.

The C.A.R.E.S. acronym highlights the 5 interventions that addresses the root problems of the inner man and produces heart transformation as opposed to trying to manage outward behavior modification.  C.A.R.E.S. motto is:

“Cast your cares [anxiety, depressions and fears] upon Him because He cares for you”

Each patient receives an intake assessment consisting of psyche evaluation and diagnosis. The assessment and clinicals are made available for reimbursement from private insurance carriers. Afterwards an individual customized treatment plan is created from the intake application and the intake assessment. The treatment plan includes objectives and goals from the words of the patient and parents. Heart Transformation®  interventions (therapy modules)  are incorporated. The treatment plan is then reviewed weekly and signed by a licensed mental health counselor. Heart Transformation® treatment  incorporates; 1) Character development, 2) Accountable thoughts, 3) Relationship building, 4) Emotional healing, and 5) Spiritual growth. The Heart Transformation® motto is:

“Positive thoughts for a sound mind and healing emotions for a happy heart”

C.A.R.E.S. families have enjoyed a high rate of success due mainly to our commitment in supporting the whole family with the focus on family reunification and intensive outpatient aftercare support. Read parent and patient testimonials. You can also view video testimonials of former patients.  After inpatient treatment, every patient is entitled to a CARF accredited intensive outpatient program (IOP) for their aftercare transition and home reunification. Each patient has 24/7 access to our healthcare team and continues to provide training in, communication skills development, parent/child relations, conflict resolution, anger management, mediation and problem solving routines in addition to mental health and substance abuse counseling.

Robert Torres, founder of CARES Treatment and creator of Heart Transformation® Therapy, co-authored a best-seller book with Brian Tracy called Ignite Your Life. Feel free to read Chapter 30 entitled, “Heart Transformation.” You can also watch an interview that aired on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX at https://vimeo.com/hearttransformation.

A favorite feature of parents who place their patients with us is that we provide high transparency and accountability. Rarely does a patient not sign a consent to release information for their parents to be involved. We maintain clinical progress notes and self-assessment patient logs out of a library of 72 instruments. They measure outcomes that shows how a presenting problem is solved, healed or bettered through various treatment interventions (See http://hope4teens.org/treatmentplan/). Parents, courts, probation officers, insurance carriers, social workers, pastors and other stakeholders are able to see amazing progress through graph charts and comprehensive reports.

We are also in the process of producing clinical studies from treatment plans that are being submitted to world-recognized medical journals that are audited and peer-reviewed by psychiatrists, psychologists, universities, health insurance auditors, state surveyors or accreditation surveyors. Our strategic plan is to submit official performance and metrics to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for inclusion into the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).  Our assessment and survey instruments measure care levels and treatment progress which are reviewed on a weekly basis by caregiver toward patient, patient toward caregiver, teacher toward patient and parent toward patient.

When you call our 24/7/365 hotline, you will not be speaking to a call center or a clerk. You will not feel rushed. Instead you will speak to an empathetic and highly-qualified enrollment guidance specialist. Expect to receive answers to your many questions about our treatment philosophy, custom tailored individual treatment plan, special needs, parental goals and objectives, cost, term, admittance logistics, academics and vocational programs, life skills, daily schedule, discharge plan, aftercare concerns, due diligence, references and much, much more.  

CARES Treatment offers both residential inpatient and intensive outpatient tele-therapy services. It differs from conventional treatment centers, rehab facilities, boarding schools, boot camps, wilderness programs and therapeutic group homes that typically use performance-based behavior modification therapy modalities. CARES Treatment takes a whole different approach using a relationship-based therapy called Heart Transformation®. Heart Transformation® is administered by the caregivers and life coaches. Parents are trained online through individual life coaching, webinars and parent-child mediation via tele-therapy from any device. Licensed clinicians oversee the treatment plans and provide mental health industry standard therapies that compliment Heart Transformation®

Families in crisis will send their troubled loved-ones from all across America and other countries because of features that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, thereby making it an easy choice over placement at a nearby facility. Unique features are as follows:

Positive Peer-Matching

You will have peace of mind knowing that your loved-one will only be in the company of less than a handful of peers that will be a positive influence. You are guaranteed that any toxic relationships will be separated at different facilities. You are also welcome to meet the parents and the patients via tele-therapy in advance.

No Contact Restrictions

You will be happy to know that there are no restrictions to visitation, letters or phone calls. We believe restoring and nurturing good relationship is the foundation of healing and recovery. You will have instant access to HIPPA compliant and secure team chat, video communication and patient portal access. Your parent life coach will provide insight, training and a custom strategy to help you reach your loved-one’s heart. You will learn and practically apply biblically-based and scientifically proven methods of confrontation, influence, discipline and relationship building skills that remove toxic thoughts for soundness of mind and healing of damaged emotions for a healthy heart.

Immediate Admittance

Enroll your troubled loved one to treatment year-round, anytime day or night, as quickly as the same-day if necessary, without fear of blackout dates or holidays. Enrollment forms and signatures can all be done from a web-portal. In-person or live video tours of the facility can be scheduled upon short notice.

Superior Therapeutic Approach

Behavior modification in simple terms is a system that punishes and rewards behavior or attempts to alter brain chemistry in hopes of temporarily replacing pain for pleasure. The punitive approach involves loss of enjoyable privileges, demerits, withdrawal of emotional affection, yelling, etc. These methods have proven to be ineffective. Heart Transformation® trains parents and caregivers how to compartmentalize behavior from identity. The principle is that you are valued and what you do is not who you are. The more a patient believes they have worth and value, the more their behavior changes. Traditionally, people are taught that their behavior is evidence of who they are. Sometimes, this creates a poor sense of self image and esteem.

Full Transparency

It is typical to see patients begin experiencing heart transformation and mind change resulting in better behavior within hours to days of admittance. Therefore, we start from the premise that patients are willing to sign a consent to release confidential information to their parents about their counseling sessions, progress notes and confidential discussions. Conventionally, it is assumed that patients don’t want disclosure to their parents.  Because of this in many cases they are not even given that opportunity.

Safer Methods Than Restraints and Intimidation

In a crisis situation that may require restraint, we will not use emotionally harmful and potentially physically dangerous methods such as mechanical or physical restraints, lock-down facilities, intimidation, humiliation, emotional rejection, yelling, forced psychotropic medication or corporal punishment. Our caregivers are highly trained in extremely effective de-escalation methods that involve caring communication and heart change techniques. Loving consequences and restrictions are appropriated effectively without the sense of punishment. Parents are always given the opportunity via tele-therapy to be a part of the non-punitive disciplinary process.

Visit our website at http://hope4teens.org today and submit a contact us form to begin your due diligence process of discovering the amazing benefits of Heart Transformation® treatment.

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