1. 24/7/365 Availability
Enroll your troubled child, teenager or young adult as fast as it takes to fill out the online enrollment form, wire or deposit amount and book the next flight out. Our admissions hotline is always open so feel free to call us anytime day or night, weekdays or weekends and holidays too. This is a difficult decision that involves your most prized possession; your child. We can assure you that you will not be pawned off to a phone clerk or answering service. Our Parent Life Coaches are experts and highly trained in guiding you during this time of crisis. Your Parent Life Coach will guide you through the research and discovery process, placement, and all the way through your child’s transition back home. After care is available to you as well.


2. Crisis Intervention
Transport specialists are trained in intervention if your son or daughter requires escort pick-up and delivery assistance to the program. Transport specialists can be dispatched upon short notice as well. We can assure you that if you have to resort to a forcible placement, your child will not resent you. Once discipleship begins, you will eventually hear the words, “Thank you for sending me.” Your child’s behavior and unhappiness is a cry for help. It is very unlikely that your child will admit that he or she needs to be set free from something that she may be addicted to or something that has her in bondage. Fear and perception of hopelessness also hinders children from reaching out. Very rarely does a child “act out” with strangers like they do with parents. Most of the time the intervention is uneventful. A loving Life Coach along with an armed guard or Chaplain in uniform will perform the intervention and keep you informed throughout the transport journey. Upon arrival you will be allowed to talk to your child immediately.


3. Personalized Attention
We don’t group troubled students together. There is no logic in sending your child to a place where the worst of the worst kids will be awaiting him. Peer influence is a big factor in a child’s rebellion. That is why we carefully evaluate the pros and cons of any association with friends. If necessary we will use a 1:1 Home Life Coach to student ratio. In some cases we may allow up to a total of four students in one home, but ONLY if we assess that it will be a positive peer experience. Each student will receive personalized attention from his/her own Home Life Coach in a comfortable condo or home. Even if your child is in a 1:1 ratio situation, she will still enjoy healthy peer and social involvement with others from the community and church.


4. Family Mediation & Parent Life Coaching
Parent/child coaching and mediation phone calls are scheduled regularly throughout the week using relationship building, effective communication skills, correction routines, confrontation and conflict resolution techniques. Scheduled calls are flexible and at times that are convenient to the parents. Currently and previously enrolled parents and students are more than eager to make themselves available for reference calls. Our parents boast of the intensity, effectiveness and regularity of the discipleship and coaching. Progress is experienced early in the program. Success is measured by the ability to utilize the skills, tools and spiritual weapons of discipleship on a consistent basis. The client has to show consistent growth in character development, addiction recovery disciplines, relationship building skills, spiritual growth habits, and emotional healing processes in order to be considered ready to go home.


5. Superior Discipleship Model That Works
The most common method of treatment model is Behavior Modification. Behavior modification involves changing visible learned behavior patterns of an individual. We have developed a better model; Heart Transformation Discipleship. It treats the core issues of the heart; spirit, soul and mind. Instead of using ineffective reward and punishment incentives such as: a) point systems b) phase levels c) time-outs d) additional chores, etc., our discipleship approach focuses on biblical models that result in supernatural heart transformation. C.A.R.E.S. Boarding School teaches how to parent with the fruit of the Spirit. For example, correctly appropriating the “goodness of God” (Romans 2:4) during times of distress and conflict with your child results in God’s grace flowing through you, thereby releasing the gift of repentance (Acts 11:17-18) in your child’s heart. Romans 2:4 … the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance. Jesus transformed the adulterous woman using this particular discipleship approach. Read the whole story at John 8:3-11.


6. Safer Methods of Restraint
In a crisis situation that may require restraint, we will not use emotionally harmful and potentially physically dangerous methods such as mechanical or physical restraints, lock-down facilities, intimidation, humiliation, emotional rejection, screaming, forced psychotropic medication or corporal punishment. Our life coaches are highly trained in extremely effective de-escalation methods that involve caring communication and heart change techniques. Loving consequences and restrictions are appropriated effectively without the sense of punishment.


7. Only 30-90 Day Term Concentrated discipleship in a Short Term
The student receives C.A.R.E.S. Boarding School six days a week. Parents receive multiple coaching sessions per week scheduled at times convenient for them. Parents and child receive family mediation for purposeful communication that leads to relationship building. We get to the root issues faster unlike long-term behavior modification programs that require instilling repetitive behavioral mental patterns. For many, thirty days is sufficient for reunification. Some may require sixty days but ninety days has proven to be the maximum amount of time needed for a complete program.


8. Parental Sovereignty
The God-given sovereignty of your parenthood is honored and respected. We have taken extensive legal measures to assure the God-given right of a parent to decide what is best for their child. You won’t have to feel like you are held hostage because your child is in the care of a counselor or social worker. Our Parent Life Coaches are experts in parenting but they understand that no amount of expertise can replace the years of experience and the natural intuition that a parent has with their child. Parents have a say in the customized discipleship plan for their child and have the right to override our coaching advice. Our Life Coaches will whole-heartedly support parental decisions without parents experiencing fear of repercussion.


9. No Call or Visitation Restrictions
You won’t have to wait 30 days before talking to your child as required by conventional treatment programs. You are free to call or visit anytime you wish even on short notice. Unannounced visits are also permitted. Your Parent Life Coach will teach you how to discern an open or closed heart in your child and how to properly manage the engagement or closure of hurtful communication that involves manipulation, verbal abuse and emotional punishment directed at you. Your Parent Life Coach may give advice as to when is the best time and what times are not good to visit or call but you will make the final decision.


10. Special Family Blends
Your Life Coach will help you with the challenges that inherently come with a diversity of family blends which includes adoption, step parenting, divided parenting, divorced parenting, single parenting, sibling rivalry, loss of a parent and more. You will provide a list of approved family members, professional support persons and pastoral support persons. You may also set limits on any relationship that may comprise loyalty to your immediate family.


11. Quick Online Application
Our simple 3-step online process makes it easy for you to get your child enrolled and admitted. Once you have made your decision, you simply digitally sign the online forms, wire or directly deposit funds, and book flights. The moment you are close to making an informed and final decision, we ask that you immediately sign a school release authorization form so that credit transference and school enrollment is not delayed. You will also sign a power of attorney and short term legal guardian authorization (non-court) form. It is revocable at any time you desire for any reason; no questions asked.