Did you know that having your child nearby at your local conventional treatment center, boot camp, wilderness camp, mental hospital or group home will not only hinder the nurturing of your relationship but will hurt it more than it already is? It is critical that you know the reasons why.

These are the top 7 reasons common among behavior modification centers:

  1. Communication is prohibited for the first two or more months
  2. Once allowed, phone calls are restricted to around 15 minutes
  3. Loss of visitation rights and phone call privileges are used as punishments
  4. Rewarding good behavior breeds contempt, deception and manipulation
  5. Because there is no relationship building training, calls end up in small talk
  6. Treatment centers attempt to control student’s manipulating, lying or exposing unwanted incidents which restricts freedom of expression through instilling fear of repercussion
  7. They are usually long-term which will only compound the erosion of the relationship

Even though our program is further away than you would like it to be, you will have better, instant and more frequent communication with your student and as often as you like. We guarantee that no other treatment center in the world can come close to matching that. We have state-of-the-art and highly advanced multimedia communication systems that gives you instant and direct access to caregivers, case managers, coaches, program directors, and your child. However, our clinical team members can be reached by appointment only.

Here are the benefits of sending your child to our treatment center no matter where you live:

  1. You will have video or phone contact immediately after admittance and be amazed at how quickly your child acclimates even though your child may have entered unwillingly.
  2. There are NO restrictions to visitacion, phone or video calls. We pride ourselves in creating an environment of full transparency
  3. You are free to join any of your child’s counseling, coaching, group treatment and daily inspiration sessions on video or phone.
  4. You will schedule relationship and communication building training just as soon as you want and begin your first video or phone relationship building call with your child and a life coach to mediate the relationship.
  5. An instant messaging group chat that gives you access to our entire team at all hours of the day and night. You get daily updates, pictures and regular video journals of your child. You can install the app on smartphones or open it on your laptop.
  6. You have 24 hour phone access to our team as well as an emergency number that is monitored around the clock.
  7. Our police and sheriff will happily make a visit to our facilities and check up on our child if you ever feel the need for peace of mind. No questions asked.
  8. All staff are fully cooperative and trained to high levels of accountability and transparency.
  9. Our staff members are of the utmost character and gladly encourage any reporting, filing grievance reports & complaints, confrontation meetings and receiving correction.
  10. Short term residential stay and long term aftercare support that works is more effective than any long-term inpatient program

CARES Treatment services children and young adults from all over America, Europe and other parts of the world. We are located in Florida near Disney World and the surrounding areas such as Orlando, Kissimmee, Celebration and Davenport.
The reason why parents throughout America, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world send their students to us as opposed to a local treatment center is because we are the only program that uses a Heart Transformation treatment approach.
The traditional treatment model used at your local mental hospital, behavioral treatment center, boot camp, wilderness program or group home is going to be based on behavior modification, performance-based love, punishments and rewards, demotions, phases, and incentives which is probably similar to what has already failed at home.
Sending your children to our program gives you the opportunity to begin to rebuild a better relationship with your child while using our advanced parenting techniques through our complete parent-child training and coaching course. Don’t make the mistake of sending your child to a program down the street where communication is scarce and you receive no training on how to win the heart of your child.

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