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I went to one of the top psychiatrists in the country, also a specialist in psychopharmacology. I suffer from severe depression, and he put me on several meds and we did intensive talk therapy over the past few years. Over time, he would add more meds and increase the dosages. Instead of getting better, I have gotten far worse– to the point that I am barely able to function at times and am nothing like the person I once was. I questioned my meds, but he convinced me they were necessary and made me feel stupid for questioning, and terrified to consider ever changing them. My family and friends were so worried over this time, they finally got me to go for a second opinion, which I had resisted doing, and it turned out that the meds he had me on were of such a high dose, and were so many, that there was no medical basis for them and I was absolutely made sicker by them. Not to mention, I never should have been on them that long and they were dangerous. It was so severe that in order to change any of them, I had to be hospitalized in a medical facility and have extensive medical testing and monitoring to get off of all the meds. My best advice is to trust your doctor, but do not trust blindly. Always get a second or third opinion, and realize that doctors are not God- they are just people. You know yourself best. Do not stand for inaction, and it is your doctor’s job to make you feel better, not worse or make you feel bad or stupid for questioning your treatment. Always question and assess where your treatment plan stands and why you are on the meds you are. If they aren’t working, or you don’t feel good, stand up for yourself or move on to someone new. I was so hesitant to go to someone new because I felt like I had put in so much effort and time with this other doctor, but I promise you can change and it is not bad at all. Leaving him literally saved my life.