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By Robert Torres | May 10th, 2016

After some time spent working with Heart Transformation®, you begin to gain a unique insight into the trials and troubles affecting teens in the USA today. Not only this, but you begin to get a first hand perspective on the effect that this turmoil has on families across America.


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Our teenage years can be frustrating. We are growing into our bodies, into our minds, into our spirituality, and we are questioning ourselves as people. We don’t yet know what sort of individual we are to become, but society demands answers from us. These are challenging years for any adolescent, but for some, the strain can be too great.

Mental illness in teens is a serious problem. Statistics released by the National Alliance on Mental Health show that 20% of children aged between 13 and 18 will suffer from a  serious mental illness during their adolescence. Many of these will continue to suffer for the rest of their lives. Despite this, the time between the first appearance of symptoms and the delivery of the necessary treatment is 10 years on average. This is largely due to the attitude toward mental health challenges within American society.

Finally, and most tragically, suicide is the third most common cause of death in young people aged between 10 and 24. Increased mental illness awareness is vital to the safety of our next generation.

A Residential Treatment Center for Depression

Increased awareness is something we are passionate about at C.A.R.E.S. Treatment Center / Stigmatizing, minimizing, and misdiagnosing do not provide an avenue of recovery for anyone. This is why we opened our residential treatment center for depression.

Once upon a time, depressed people were told to simply ‘cheer up’, or politely informed that they had no reason to be depressed. Today, as we have learned more about this devastating condition, we have moved a little closer to understanding and developing more effective ways of treating it. Our programs provide residential treatment, intensive outpatient, or a combination of both to young people. The residential treatment program offers an immersive experience and eliminates negative influences – such as alcohol, drugs, or certain friendship groups – from teens lives. We have found this approach is the most effective way to give help for troubled teens.

We make every effort to provide our visitors and their families with the resources and tools they need to heal old wounds, take positive steps in the present, and look forward to a better future.As a complement to our programs for teens, we provide parents access to counseling and mediation phone calls as well as a virtual library full of training for mentoring and relationship-building skills. For many families, moving forward from mental health challenges can be difficult, so we aim to support you every step of the way.

The Power of a Positive and Defined Environment

Our treatment center has proved incredibly successful in helping youngsters with a range of behavioral problems, mental health concerns, addictions, and other issues. A substantial proportion of that success is credited to the Heart Transformation Treatment protocol.

Whether participating via residential treatment or online therapy, the environment a patient finds him or herself in is pivotal to their recovery. We have worked diligently to ensure a positive atmosphere and structure for all patients and visitors who come to our Heart Transformation program for any reason. Through prior participation in programs emphasizing behavior modification, we became convinced that some clients could only be reached in a different way – a way that breaks through walls and manipulation – and reaches into the heart.  To accomplish this, we have created a program that provides positivity and encouragement to the patient and their family, helps to build or restore relationship, and sets up  clearly defined boundaries to assist with the transition. 

An Alternative to Behavior Modification

This alternative method of treatment creates a more dynamic result as we work with patients and their family to coach, support, and assist them on their journey towards improvement. Most families with troubled loved ones have already walked the road of anger and reward or punishment only to meet with repeated frustration and failure.

When a teen enters our residential treatment center, they join our community and have access to a life coach who will encourage them to change their habits and express themselves freely without fear of being punished. We also encourage parents to listen to what their teens are saying, to open up lines of communication so that both parent and teen begin to feel valued as a person – even though they may have a difference of opinion. It is via this kind of emotional therapy that we learn to better understand what a young person is going through and implement ongoing treatments aimed at easing them back into a normal, happy, and fulfilled life.

Take a look at our YouTube channel for testimonials on how our services and facilities have helped  young people get their lives back on track, or get in touch with a member of our team for more information.


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