We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who had no beginning or end of time, but came to the world in the flesh, born of a virgin and became the one perfect sacrifice for the sins of all men from Adam to the end of time and for their sins; past, present and forever. Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s wrath against all men was forever appeased. The sins of all men have been forgiven and the debt has been paid when Jesus, on the cross, said, “It is finished.”


Eternal judgment of hell fire is only sentenced for unbelief but salvation is only granted those who have faith. Sins or good works is no longer the evidence for judgment or salvation; however grace guarantees the growth of fruit of the Spirit and good works over the believer’s lifetime. Now under a new and better covenant, God promises salvation, justification, love, righteousness, forgiveness, mercy, abundant living, heart transformation, healing, deliverance, prosperity, spiritual gifts, overcoming power and eternal security as a free gift of grace without merit or effort on the part of mankind.


The only condition is to believe in God and his gift of Jesus and grace. He also promises to reveal himself and have a personal relationship with the believer and make him or her, His child. He, as the Holy Spirit promises to live in unity with the spirit of every believer and to make known the full mind of Christ, teaching and empowering the believer howto live a successful, abundant and holy life. He promises to acquit the sinner from the just condemnation of Moses’ holy law and to write new laws in the heart of the believer that can be lived out through a new born again spirit man. Jesus also promises to be an everlasting advocate before the Father by justifying all accusations true or false throughout the believer’s life and to never keep record of sins nor impute punishment for them ever again.