The Four Priorities


“…so fulfilling I had to hear it again!”

“…blown away by his orderliness. So awesome!!!”


It’s important for a student to maintain an orderly environment. A clean environment starts the day off right and benefits the mind as well as the heart. An orderly mind leads to orderly words and actions. Orderliness is maintained throughout the day but it starts when the student starts their day. Students make their bed, groom themselves, complete chores and eat breakfast as part of the morning routine.


Students will experience and learn the value of how to motivate, encourage, stir and energize (inspire) themselves daily as a way of life. They will discover the need to renew their mind with the Truth that Jesus loves them and that they have right standing with God when they accept what Jesus has done for them without condemnation or guilt. This is a foundational key to living a life of peace, happiness and success.


Each student is responsible for completing some form of academic and/or vocational studies, engaging in treatment classes, and receiving life coaching/therapy in order to build and manifest a fruitful life.


At the end of every day, a special time of unearned happiness is made available to all the students. Enjoyment time is not earned so everyone is allowed and encouraged to participate in it via social activities, recreation, entertainment and leisure whether they have completed their Productivity time or not.