Year-round Enrollment
Enroll your troubled loved one anytime day or night in as little as 24 hours to treatment immediately without fear of blackout dates or holidays.

Addiction Recovery
Specially tailored lessons on Grace from the Word of God which brings healing and renewal to toxic thoughts, words and actions.

1-to-1 Mentoring
We don’t group troubled students together. Each student has his or her own Life Coach in a comfortable condo or home.

Family Mediation
Regular parent/student mediation phone calls and relationship building routines. Confront & resolve conflict with your loved one.

Only 30-90 Day Term
Relationship building & emotional healing is implemented between parent and student within the first few days of arrival.

No Call or Visit Restrictions
Effective parent coaching empowers parents so that they don’t have to wait 30 days before they can talk to their son or daughter.

Parent Training & Resources
Extensive Parent Life Coaching library includes video & audio training plus regular phone coaching anytime your schedule allows.

Mental & Emotional Health
Young adults get freedom from all types of disorders, addictions, behavioral, relational, social immaturity issues and more.

Special Family Blends
Life Coaches assigned to you and your loved-one will help with the challenges that come with adoptive, step, single or divided parenting.

Quick Online Application
Simple 3-step online process with e-signature. Just sign forms, wire funds, and confirm your start date.

Transport Service
Transport specialists are trained in intervention if your son or daughter require escort pick-up and delivery assistance to treatment.

Grace Based Treatment
Affection + Discipline (not punishment) = Love. Master this and your loved-one will never accuse you of not loving them again.

Weekly Schedule of Events

  • Daily Inspiration Mon-Fri @ 10:30am EST

  • Heart Transformation Treatment Tue @ 5:30pm EST Thu @ 5:30pm EST

  • Parent & Child Workshop Sat @ 2pm EST Wed @ 8pm EST

Join from a PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android device or even a Telephone.

Click the JOIN button above or DIAL the phone number:

Dial In:  +1 408 638 0968
Meeting ID: 334 647 137


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Change your picture and you will change your Life.

What does that mean? I struggled with that thought after speaking with a counselor to whom I had posed the question: If I was your client and you could tell me ONLY ONE THING to help me change my life, what would that ONE THING be?

What was my picture? Did I see myself content, with […]

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Residential Treatment and Mental Health Services: Achieving Excellent Results With Troubled Teens

By Robert Torres | May 10th, 2016
After some time spent working with Heart Transformation®, you begin to gain a unique insight into the trials and troubles affecting teens in the USA today. Not only this, but you begin to get a first hand perspective on the effect that this turmoil has on families across America.
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4 Essentials of Discipline: Teaching

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge… (Hosea 4:6)”  The last thing a parent wants his or her child to become is self- destructive but the reality is that unless we become their greatest teachers, they will have no other choice. When you teach your child, you are imparting knowledge into them. You have […]

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Psychotropic Medication

I went to one of the top psychiatrists in the country, also a specialist in psychopharmacology. I suffer from severe depression, and he put me on several meds and we did intensive talk therapy over the past few years. Over time, he would add more meds and increase the dosages. Instead of getting better, I have […]

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