What does that mean? I struggled with that thought after speaking with a counselor to whom I had posed the question: If I was your client and you could tell me ONLY ONE THING to help me change my life, what would that ONE THING be? What was my picture? Did I see myself content, with fulfilling work, loving and being loved, having my needs met and experiencing the joy of meeting the needs ofRead More
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge… (Hosea 4:6)”  The last thing a parent wants his or her child to become is self- destructive but the reality is that unless we become their greatest teachers, they will have no other choice. When you teach your child, you are imparting knowledge into them. You have the power and ability to provide them with a working understanding for responding appropriately in various situations. “And these words,Read More
I went to one of the top psychiatrists in the country, also a specialist in psychopharmacology. I suffer from severe depression, and he put me on several meds and we did intensive talk therapy over the past few years. Over time, he would add more meds and increase the dosages. Instead of getting better, I have gotten far worse-- to the point that I am barely able to function at times and am nothing like theRead More